The Human Rights Resilience Project

Human rights advocates play a critical role in documenting abuses and bringing violators to justice, yet this work often exposes advocates to trauma, taking serious toll on their well-being. Over the past five years, a group of psychologists based at Sarah Lawrence College and human rights lawyers out of NYU and Columbia Law Schools partnered to document, raise awareness, and develop culturally-sensitive training programs to help promote well-being and resilience among human rights workers.

Disaster Psychiatry Outreach has chosen this team as the recipients of our next grant – following the initial grant distribution to Human Rights Watch ( earlier this year. Please, support our fundraising work by following the link to our Summer Celebration Event – you can make a contribution even after the event! Our target is $25,000 needed by the team to implement their next intervention.

For more information:

Joscelyne, A., Knuckey, S., Satterthwaite, M. L., Bryant, R. A., Li, M., Qian, M., & Brown, A. D. (2015). Mental Health Functioning in the Human Rights Field: Findings from an International Internet-Based Survey. PloS one10(12), e0145188.

Adam Brown
Department of Psychology
Sarah Lawrence College