Nepal Earthquake Relief

We are responding to the Nepal earthquake and we need your support to implement our Mission.

Our current fundraising goal of $30,000 will allow three teams to implement our proven strategies of needs assessment, care, training and support  on the ground.  All funds will be used to provide both short and long term care strategies.

Please donate.  Every dollar counts.  We suggest to start at $50.  At $1000 level and above your name would be listed on our website as a major contributor.

An easy link to promote – on GoFundMe website

In just 24 hours, we’ve received almost $2,300 to the total of $6,300 from our community.  We need $23,700 more to achieve this mission.  Partner with us now and help us save lives.

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Update 4/27/15: we are at $1,900 in a few short hours!

Update 4/28/15: over $5,000 collected and even more pledged.

Update 4/29/15: we are at $8000 as of today 0830.  AND we are over the $10,000 mark as of 18:45.  We have the funds for the first of three steps in our response!

Update 4/30/15: we are over $11500 as of today and going strong.  $18,500 to go!

Update 5/4/15: we are over $17,500.  Team Planning is under way, targeting last week of May for the assessment team arrival.  Please, see ongoing posts for updates on mission and fundraising efforts!  Your support is critical as Nepal soon will be entering the painstaking job of rebuilding.  Supporting those who do this slow work pays enormous dividends.  DPO is there to help.

Update 5/13/15: we are over $25,000 as of today. We are just $5,000 shy of our goal and we can get there with your support. Anything above this amount would allow us to expand the reach and breadth of the programming we’d be able to provide!